Brew Systems

Founded in downtown Petoskey, Beards has grown to two locations with a third on the way. We have our original Petoskey Pub at 207A Howard Street where we have the ability to serve beer and our CVX Production Brewery in Charlevoix where we can create on a larger scale. We are also set to open Pub 2.0 at 215 E. Lake Street, Petoskey in late Spring of 2017.

Petoskey Pub

Location: 207A Howard Street, Petoskey

Brew System: Brewmation / Stout Tank and Kettle

Batch Size: 1bbl (31 gallons)

Fermenters: Five 1.5bbl, three 3bbl

Brite Tanks: One 1bbl, one 2bbl

Typical Brew Days: Monday & Tuesday.

Batches in a Day: Single, Double, and Triple

V-Word: Variety

Pub / Bar: Yes!

Our Petoskey Brew House is Beards original brew system, turning out its first batch in August 2012. We've brewed well over 750 batches on our little brewery since we've opened and that number is constantly growing. Although we have a newer, bigger brew house in Charlevoix we are still brewing furiously on the little guy with typically half of our taps at the pub brewed on site less than fifty feet away. Some kegs from Petoskey do make it out to off site events like beer festivals and tap takeovers.

CVX Production

Location: Charlevoix

Brew System: Craftwerk Brewing Systems (Lake Orion, Michigan)

Batch Size: 15bbl (465 gallons)

Fermenters: Three 15bbl

Brite Tanks: One 15bbl

Typical Brew Days: Thursday & Friday.

Batches in a Day: Single or Double

V-Word: Volume

Pub / Bar: No :(

Our CVX Production Brewery is the second brew system at Beards, and a significant jump in size from where we started in Petoskey. CVX is used to supply the Petoskey Pub with our "mainline" beers like Serendipity and Luna, as well as the bulk of our distribution to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and bottle shops in the Northern Lower Peninsula, U.P., and Grand Rapids areas. CVX was brought online in June 2015 bringing some relief to our smaller brewhouse in Petoskey. All of our canning takes place in CVX as well as our barrel aging programs. We also clean all of our kegs in Charelvoix, resulting in a constant movement of empty kegs back to Charlevoix for cleaning, and both full and clean empty kegs back to Petoskey.

Pub 2.0

(Opening late Spring 2017)

Location: 215 E. Lake Street, Petoskey

Brew System: Brewmation / Stout Tank and Kettle

Batch Size: 1bbl (31 gallons)

Fermenters: Five 1.5bbl, three 3bbl

Brite Tanks: One 1bbl, one 2bbl

Typical Brew Days: TBD

Batches in a Day: TBD

V-Word: Variety

Pub / Bar: Opening April 2017

We are growing bigger! Better! Beerier! In April 2017 we will be moving our 1bbl brewhouse from our current location at 207A Howard Street down the hill to our new Pub 2.0. We're going to start with our current method of using our small brew system for variety and increase our production in Charlevoix to supply the bigger pub. In time we plan on upgrading to a 5bbl to 7bbl system (155 gallon to 217 gallon) and moving our 1bbl brewhouse to Charlevoix to act as a strictly pilot / experimental brewery.