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Here at Beards, we are passionate about craft. That craft began with our passion for beer. However, our love for art and creativity have shown through in other ways too. The Beards Creative Page began as our blog, and has become a place where you can explore all of our creative endeavors all in one place.  You might find videos, writing or other artwork.


‘What’s Your Craft Show?’

Join the hosts of The ‘What’s Your Craft?’ Show as we seek to quench your thirst for inspiration. From our background of a passion for our craft of beer brewing that lead to the starting of Beards Brewery, we seek to find other creators and artisans in a variety of industries and learn what drives them to do what they do. Are you ready to get inspired?

Click for the ‘What’s Your Craft Show?’

emily BE glassware

Beards Youtube Channel

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