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Starters And Salads

Lobster Rolls | $9

Two Hawaiian rolls stuffed with our claw and knuckle Maine lobster, tossed in our bulldog sauce and topped with mixed micro greens.

Elotes (Mexican Street Corn) | $6

Corn on the cob, smothered in Garlic aioli and rolled in Cotija cheese. Sprinkled with a sumac, lime salt.

Wakame Seaweed Salad | $10

Wakame marinated and tossed in sesame seeds and oil. Served over a bed of mixed greens

House Salad | $12

Mixed greens, shaved red onion, tomatoes, and feta. Your choice of ranch, green goddess, or blood orange vinaigrette. +Chicken $4 +Flank Steak $5 +Prawns $5

Loaded Fries | $16

Our Fresh crispy fries are covered in sauteed poblano and white onions, pulled pork, and smothered in our beer cheese. topped with a dollop of sour cream and scallions

Freedom Fries | $4

Garlic Parmesan Fries | $8

Truffle Parmesan Fries | $9

Chips and Pico de Gallo | $6

Chips and Guacamole | $10


Southern Comfort Chicken Sandwich | $18

Our crispy chicken sandwish served over house bread and butter pickles. Topped with a buffalo slaw and served on a brioche bun. Served with chips.


Greek Tacos | $9

Two marinated chicken tacos over sauteed poblano and white onion topped with green goddess dressing, tomatoes and feta.

Carne Asada Tacos | $10

Michigan local flank steak over sauteed poblano and white onion. Topped with bulldog sauce and pico de gallo.

Prawn Tacos | $10

Two prawn tacos with citrus sumac slaw and bulldog sauce. Garnished with rainbow micro greens.

Carnitas Tacos | $9

Michigan local carnitas (pork) tacos crusted with maple BBQ. Served over poppy apple slaw and topped with pickled red onion and micro greens.

Burritos | $16

All of our burritos are made with a 12″ roasted red pepper flour tortilla shell. Stuffed with cilantro lime rice, pinto beans, and house beer cheese.

  • Vegetarian
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Flank Steak +$2
  • Prawns +$2
  • Prawn & Steak +$6

Wet Burrito Upgrade +$6 – Smother your burrito in enchilada sauce. Topped with shaved romaine, guacamole, and sour cream.

Donburi (rice bowls)

Karaage | $20

Japanese fried chicken, served over a seasoned bowl of rice with pickled red onion, vegan kimchi, scallion coins and pickled daikon. Topped with ino-togarashi and kewpie mayo. (substitute tofu for a vegan dish).

Tuna Poke Bowl | $26

Marinated tuna served over a seasoned bowl of rice with pickled red onion, vegan kimchi, scallion coins, pickled daikon, and bonito flakes. Topped with tobiko, ito-togarashi, and kewpie mayo.