Wet Hopped Copperstar - IPA - 6.3% ABV

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Our Copperstar IPA made with fresh local Michigan Copper Hops from MI Local of Williamsburg, MI.  Copperstar is an astronomical ale fit for a Space Force admiral. It straddles multi-verses: fruity but not sweet, hoppy but not bitter, with aromas of fruit punch and pomegranate.  Pairs well with freeze dried ice cream, Tang, and Cylon kabobs.

MI Local Hops is one of our Northern Michigan beer ingredient suppliers and we love working with them during the hop harvest season (August-September) to obtain the freshest and highest quality hops for our beers. Wet Hop Copperstar is a celebration of the Michigan hop harvest and an ode to the Michigan IPA. In every glass you can smell the fields upon fields of Copper, with distinctive notes of fruit punch and awesomeness.


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PK 16 6