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Join the hosts of The ‘What’s Your Craft?’ Show as we seek to quench your thirst for inspiration. From our background of a passion for our craft of beer brewing that lead to the starting of Beards Brewery, we seek to find other creators and artisans in a variety of industries and learn what drives them to do what they do. Are you ready to get inspired?

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Episode 4- Behind The Scenes with The Lake Effect Rally Team

We’re going fast in this episode of the What’s Your Craft Show, featuring a local Northern Michigan rally racing team, Lake Effect Rally Team. We cover early inspirations, what piqued their interest in rally and how they took the next step to build a professional race car and compete in off road rally.

Check out more about Lake Effect Rally Team on their Facebook Page.

Episode 3- A Conversation With Mary Bea Art

In this third episode of ‘The What’s Your Craft Show?’ we explore the creative genius of Mary Bea McWatters. We follow her journey as an artist and explore a host of topics along the way, such as the influence of language on our observations of the world, art as a method of processing the world, and even our love of eating eggs!


Check out more about Mary Bea Art on social media:

Episode 2- A Conversation With Michigan Sloyd

We sit down with Dawson Moore, the man behind Michigan Sloyd, to learn about his creative process and so much more. Join hosts Peter Manthei and Steve Bartel of Beards Brewery for this deep dive into what drives Dawson’s creativity on the latest episode of “The What’s Your Craft? Show”

Check out more about Dawson Moore and Michigan Sloyd on his social media:

Episode 1- A Conversation with The Michigan Rattlers

The premiere episode of The ‘What’s Your Craft?’ Show kicks off with a dynamic conversation featuring the Michigan Rattlers.Take a listen to what they have to say about creativity, how it has manifested throughout their lives and how it informs their song writing today. In addition, be sure to watch to the end for the premiere of the Sweet Diane music video.

Learn more about the Michigan Rattlers online at:

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