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An astronomical ale fit for a Space Force admiral. It straddles multi-verses: fruity but not sweet, hoppy but not bitter, with aromas of fruit punch and pomegranate. Made with Michigan Copper hops from MiLocal Hops in Williamsburg, MI, in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Pairs well with freeze dried ice cream, Tang, and Cylon kabobs.


Before there was Copperstar Galactica, there was an infamous pub beer named Pomegalactic, a beer that everyone waited for and loved when it was tapped. Made with Galaxy hops and just a hint of Pomegranate, this IPA was delightful–just the right amount of fruit with balanced hop finish.

Alas, there came a time when Galaxy hops became impossible to find and purchase. There was no more Pomegalactic. We thought all was lost…until something wonderful came along. That something wonderful was the Michigan Copper hop–a new hop in the beer industry and one that was born & bred here in our great mitten state. What made it so wonderful? Well, the Michigan Copper cop is an aromatic, flavorful hop, full of fruit punch essence with very little actual bitterness. It is a hop with a lot of possibility.

And thus one day our brew team remembered Pomegalactic and got an idea–what if we used that recipe, but replaced the Galaxy with the Copper hop? It took some tweaking here and there, but what we ended up with was a super tasty fruit beer made with Michigan Copper hops and a hint of pomegranate–something bold and new. We added “Galactica” to the name, so that we remember this beer was born from an inspired Beards history.
And Coppestar Galactica would go on to become one of our most popular pub beers as well as our Spring/Summer market release.

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