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What is Ito Togarashi

Ito Togarashi is a shredded red chili pepper like a thread, usually made using a not-that-spicy variety whose placenta is removed, for the spiciness and heat of chili peppers mainly come from that part. The chili pepper thread is used not only in Japanese cuisine but also in Chinese and Korean dishes. Has a chipotle like flavor, smokey and almost no heat

What is our XO sauce?

Our XO sauce is Chef’s umami garlic chili sauce with hints of sesame and soy. Gluten and dairy free, high soy and sesame allergy.

What is tobiko?

Tobiko is flying fish roe. These eggs are small, ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 mm. Tobiko is larger than Masago (Capelin roe) and smaller than Ikura (Salmon roe). Natural tobiko has an orangish red color and a mild, smoky and salty taste, and a poppy boba texture.

What kind of oils do we use? 

Our friers use canola oil. Our saute oil is a 75/25 blend. EVOO and Canola.

For our blood orange vinaigrette we have Michigan shop, Fustini’s, blood orange oil.

Truffle Fries are dressed with Fustini’s white truffle oil. Garlic fries are tossed in a house infused garlic oil (75/25).

How do we prepare our tuna?

Our tuna is sashimi grade, cut into 1/4 inch cubes, tossed in our XO sauce, and served raw.

Prawns vs Shrimp and what kind do we use? 

Prawns in the culinary world usually refer to the size of the creature. We use (Size) 25-21 prawns farmed in India. The culinary size chart gives you how many prawns you get per pound. In our case we get 21-25 per pound

Prawns and shrimp are both decapod crustaceans, but they belong to different sub orders. The biggest difference is the amount of legs the creature has. As far as taste, most species have almost an identical flavor profile.

What is kewpie mayo?

This traditional Japanese mayo has a rich egg flavor, a tangy and sweet taste, and is creamier in color and texture compared to regular mayonnaise. And just like other japanese creations, it scores high on the umami factor. Dairy free

 What is bulldog sauce?

Bulldog sauce is Chef’s take on taco sauce. A sweeter aioli base with a little  smoky heat on the finish. Dairy free! Contains eggs and soy

What are bonito flakes aka Katsuobushi?

Katsuobushi is made from skipjack tuna, also known as bonito. It’s rich in inosinate, a compound that produces the umami flavor. When inosinate is combined with glutamate, an amino acid that is also rich in umami, the two compounds produce a synergistic effect that dramatically increases the umami flavor. 

To produce katsuobushi, the bonito are filleted and simmered before undergoing multiple rounds of smoking. Next, it undergoes a process of fermentation and sun-drying which can take several months. The resulting slabs are as hard as wood, with over 80 percent of their moisture removed, and are regarded as one of the hardest foodstuffs in the world.

To cook with katsuobushi, these slabs must be shaved into paper-thin flakes. Shaving the bonito this way exposes surface area, which allows the umami flavors to be quickly released.

What kind of Micro greens do we use?

We use a blend of micro greens containing mustard, basil, radish and pea sprouts.

What kind of rice are we using? 

We use short grain white rice.

What allergens should you look out for in our salad dressings?

Blood orange vinaigrette – Contains garlic and shallots *vegan*

Ranch – Contains eggs and dairy

Green Goddess – Contains fish garlic