Mug Club

Beards Brewery Mug Club
Terms & Conditions

As a member, you will receive:

-Your custom mug that is yours to keep when your membership ends.

-15% off of everything at the pub and online (Drafts, Food, Merch, To-Go Beer)*

-A place in our Mug Club member cabinet in our community beer lounge, the Root Cellar,  where you can proudly display your one of a kind mug (you can take it home when your membership ends, but it lives proudly in our cabinet during your tenure!)

-Pre Order Opportunities

-First “heads up” on new drafts at the pub

Please note a few rules for the Mug Club:

-Your membership is non-transferrable, your mug is your own unique piece!

-Once you pay for membership, it begins immediately on that day. The turnaround time to receive your mug could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. We will email you when your mug is ready.

-If you break your mug, you may pay $75 to replace it, if we break your mug, we will happily replace it for you!

-We will email you when your membership has  expired, you will have one month after expiration date as a grace period to renew. After that, your spot may be given away.

-Expired mugs must be picked up within 60 days after expiration. If shipping is needed, the member is responsible for charges. Beards is not responsible for mugs damaged during shipping.

*Beards Reserves the Right to Adjust if abused