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“C” Beers at Beards!

copper citra harbinger
copper citra harbinger

"C" Beers at Beards!

For the letter “C” this week, we are going take a looksie at 2 of our prominent “C” beers, Oh! the Citranity! and Copperstar Galactica.

Oh, the Citranity is classified as a Session IPA. This means that with its relatively low ABV of 5.0% you could allow yourself two if you wanted, and still get the great hop taste you would expect for the IPA style.

The hop giving the beer its name, the Citra, is relatively new variety that
was developed in 2008 in Washington state, but has a mixed heritage German Hallertau, Tettanger, Bavarian, East Kent Goldings, and Brewers Gold hops (for the real nerds among us, you can go to www.hopslist.com and get all the technical specifications for the variety).

The Craft Beer Academy notes that the Citra hop is “a high alpha acid hop
with a strong, yet smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavor” which makes it a prime candidate for delicious, single-hop beers.

***For a bit of extra trivia, we named this beer after the 1937 Hindenberg airship explosion where a reporter exclaimed, “Oh! The Humanity!” Citranity is, after all, an explosion of Citra hops.***

Our second C beer we want to feature is Copperstar Galactica. We
classify this one as a Fruit IPA. Moving up in alcohol to 6.5% ABV, it is
stronger than Citranity, but still not a high-octane brew. We describe it
as fruity but not sweet, hoppy but not bitter, with aromas of fruit punch and pomegranate.

The hop inspiring the name for this beer is Michigan Copper. This is a true
local hop. It was developed in southern Michigan by Great Lakes Hops
and is an even newer entry in the hop market, first appearing in 2014. The
actual hops we use are grown even closer to home in northern Michigan,
by MI LOCAL HOPS in Williamsburg, Michigan.

***For a bit of extra trivia, we actually named Copperstar Galactica in honor of one of our older IPAs, Pomegalactic. Due to difficulty of getting Galaxy hops to make Pomegalactic, we retired this recipe until we found the fruity and spectacular Copper hop. Only then did we dust off the Pomegalactic recipe and give it a newfangled hop boost with Michigan Copper hops. Thus Copperstar Galactica was born (also, we are GIANT nerds). ***

And there is one last thing that these two beers have in common, and it’s
another C: