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“D” is for Deadly Sins Beer Series

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"D" is for Deadly Sins Beer Series

Another Beards A-Z drops RIGHT NOW! We missed last week so you’re getting 2 whole letters this week!

Today, we are tackling the letter “D.”

And Mary & our Harbinger Emily decided to go with DEADLY SINS, 7 DEADLY SINS as a matter of fact!

Say what?! Should we be mixing religious stories and beer?

We promise the concept relates back to Beards, so just hang in there.

First, about the seven deadly sins: So, the concep of deadly sins is an ancient one and may have existed in Greek culture long before Christian times. As far as a written record, they were outlined as early as the 4th Century CE by the Christian ascetic Evagrius Ponticus.

Now days, we consider there to be seven of these deadly sins:
pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

Psychology Today says that they appear to have been named deadly as these sins were thought to have the ability not to merely damage the soul, but to “maim” or “kill” it.


Now, hurry forward several centuries and a half a world away where in 2019 a brewery in Petoskey, Michigan (Beards, of course!) is looking for a clever way to celebrate its seventh anniversary. Planted as a seed several years before by one of the owners and one of their brewers, a decision was made to brew beers based on, you called it, the 7 deadly sins.

We didn’t just name the beers for the sins; we brainstormed which beer styles and ingredients best reflected each of the 7 sins! No worries though, these beers didn’t “maim” your spirit, but certainly tickled the tastebuds, so they were called “7 Beardly Wins.”

Check out our actual menu from our 2019 Anniversary below!