Beer Education

How to drink/taste your beer properly!

Tasting beer ed
Tasting beer ed

How to drink/taste your beer properly!

It’s Beer Education Day, folks!

Every week (we aim for Thursdays, but sometimes the universe interferes) our Harbinger of Beer brings us beer facts, tips, and tricks to improve your craft beer drinking experience.

This week, she’s walking you through how to drink your beer.

Drinking might seem like a Duh! concept, but drinking for ultimate enjoyment takes just a little more time, enthusiasm, & effort.

So, let’s break it down into 4 easy steps:

1. LOOK at the beer in your glass. Notice the color of the beer, the head on the beer, the effervescence (bubbles).

2. SWIRL the beer in your glass. This fun motion agitates the ingredients in the beer, meaning all of that aroma and flavor from the hops and malt (and any extra ingredients) gets a little boost of energy.

3. SNIFF, that’s right, stick your nose into your beer glass and take a big ol’ sniff. All of that swirling you did should provide you with a satisfying olfactory experience. *Tip: try different kinds of sniffs! Don’t worry about looking silly! Remember, a majority of what we taste comes through our nose.

4. Finally, TASTE the beer in your glass. Don’t just swallow it! Hold the beer on your tongue for a few seconds and really savor the mouthfeel. Exhale as you swallow to really enjoy the flavor and aromas.

Not too complicated, right? It just takes a little intention and there you have it, a simple way to enjoy your next pint of beer a little more.

Does your drinking technique differ? Do you have a patented sniff? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on the subject in the comments below.

Cheers & happy beer adventures to ya!